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Artisanal Soy Wax Candles. 


40 Wax Facts

Owner Amanda Ferguson spends endless hours creating candles with a scent experience that is distinct and positively memorable. She draws her inspiration from everything around her: from popular culture, books, movies, and history. Candles are an ideal medium to convey such inspiration- not only for its soothing ambiance ,but the additive and powerful effects of light. 

A 40 Wax candle is not just a candle, but an experience. With each scent a story is told, and a scenario and idea are played out before you. So light one up, and enjoy the ride!



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Wholesale Info

Do you think your clients would like some 40 Wax in their lives? So do we. 

We offer wholesale options for a wide variety of businesses. Reach out for more information!

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Signature Scents

Scent is the closest sense tied to memory. Whether you want to make new memories or instill them into your customers, we design a candle that tells a branded story for you.

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